Introducing our new downloadable resource… All About Teeth

Dental Buddy has already been used to provide oral health education across hundreds of schools up and down the UK.

To help you with your lessons, we have developed a brand new resource named 'All About Teeth'. It's exactly what it says it is... everything you need to know about our gnashers! So whether it's for Early Years', Key Stage One or Key Stage Two, please click on the below link to download it for free - hopefully it might give your sessions an extra bite.

Learn more about 'All About Teeth'.

Early Years (3 – 5 years)

During the Early Years (3-5 years), whether it’s their first tooth, or their visit to the dentist, a child’s early experiences of oral health can impact on the rest of their lives. That’s why it’s so important to teach them

Key Stage One (5 – 7 years)

During Key Stage One (ages 5-7) pupils learn about themselves as developing individuals and as members of their communities, building on their own experiences and on the early learning goals for personal, social and emotional development. They learn the basic

Key Stage Two (7 – 11 years)

During Key Stage Two (ages 7-11) pupils learn about themselves as growing and changing individuals with their own experiences and ideas, and as members of their communities. They become more mature, independent and self-confident and learn about the wider world

Brush Time: Our toothbrushing programme

This new and comprehensive tooth brushing programme has been developed by the Oral Health Foundation to advise nursery and school staff on how they can help children to brush their teeth properly.

It is also a really useful for dental professionals visiting schools too!

Brush Time is suitable for all children of all ages in both part-time and full-time education and care, and is freely downloadable.

Learn more about Brush Time.

Brush Time Ink Men HOMENEW

Dental Buddy’s messages for children are simple:

  • Brush your teeth for two minutes twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste.

  • Have a balanced diet and learn the importance of cutting down on how often you have sugary foods and drinks.

  • Visit the dentist regularly, as often as they recommend..

  • I think the Buddy system is a good idea and hopefully will give more people the confidence to go into schools and educate our children.

    Caroline Teacher

    I was not expecting to get what was delivered and each piece of material will be a great help for our presentation. Thank you very much.

    Rebecca and Maya Hele’s School

    We highly recommend Brush Time to all teachers. It has replaced our in-house toothbrushing programme. The illustrations are excellent and we have rolled it out to our nationwide centres.

    Linda Oral health promoter