buddy-in-schoolWhat is the mission of Dental Buddy?

It is a staggering thought, but in Primary Schools across the UK around eight or nine children in every class will have already developed tooth decay. That’s approaching a quarter of a million children in each primary school year and around 3.3 million young people aged 0-14 years.

Schools contacting their local dentist are generally pleasantly surprised how willing they are to give up some of their time to visit the classroom. Often, they can have a profound effect on the attitude children will have towards the dentist.

Schools, working with parents and health professionals, have an important role to play in educating young people about healthy lifestyles, including their oral care. Introducing oral health into the school curriculum, especially at Key Stage One and Two, should make a big difference.

Your chance to help Dental Buddy explore oral health in the classroom!

We are looking for your help to improve the amount of time spent teaching children about oral health in school.

Head over to our Early Years, Key Stage One or Key Stage Two material, download the resources available, teach it in the classroom, and become a Buddy yourself – it’s that simple! In the meantime…..

Before Buddy lands with his classroom resources, we would like to draw your attention to another great tool for promoting oral health in schools!

The UK’s largest oral health campaign, National Smile Month takes place between May and June and is a focal point for thousands of organisers to co-ordinate events and activities across the UK in a bid to improve oral health.

Throughout National Smile Month a series of fun classroom activities can keep children engaged and interested. In the classroom, using photographs and puzzles to sequence the events of the visit to the dental practice, identifying and labelling the components of a dental surgery using healthcare jigsaws and role-play will provide confidence and encourage the children to go to the dentist when outside the group.

The symbol of National Smile Month is our ‘Smile on a Stick’. It’s guaranteed to put a smile on everyone’s face from the youngest pupil to the Chair of School Governors. It’s a lot of fun, as well as encouraging everyone to adopt a great daily oral health routine. The ‘Smile on a Stick’ is ideal to run a ‘Smileathon’ throughout the school and will help to make oral health education a fun and memorable event.